Thursday, March 5, 2009

Freedom Gardens

Have you met Tiffany? She writes Nature Moms Blog. While her main focus is on more natural living, there are ideas that she shares that are very in line with the goals my husband and I have to become more self reliant. Her post about starting a freedom garden that I read this afternoon is one of those posts.

She started out by quoting Jules Dervaes of Path to Freedom who said:

Growing food is one of the most dangerous occupations on this earth because you are in danger of becoming free.
As Tiffany points out, when we choose to grow our own food we are not allowing ourselves to become slaves to food companies, grocery stores, or a government that does an inadequate job of protecting the food that they have promised to protect for us.

Please go read Tiffany's article "Are You in Danger of Becoming Free?" to find out more reasons about why starting your own garden is a good idea and get some ideas for ways you can garden if you don't have a yard to garden in. She also shares her plans for chronicling her own freedom garden this year and encourages anyone else who does even a small bit of gardening this year to join in.

Because we are planning a move for the coming months I don't know how much gardening we will do, but I am definitely looking forward to watching for updates from her and her other readers so that I can get lots of ideas for when I am ready to start my own garden.

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