Tuesday, March 3, 2009

About Socially Unexeptable

Why We Started This Site

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we have been encouraged to prepare ourselves for turbulent times. Whether it's a family matter like a lost job or a national crisis like an economic collapse there are things that each of us can do to better prepare to weather the storm.

Unfortunately, we have come across several people who react to the news of difficulties with an attitude of fear. Yes, there is a scary aspect to not knowing what the future holds. We have been told that, "...if ye are prepared ye shall not fear." (Doctrine and Covenants 38:30) We want to help people become more prepared for what may come so there is no reason to fear the future.

The problem seems to be that nobody wants to talk about being prepared. It's just not something that is discussed in most social circles. We're hoping that this site and the information we share will help to open the discussion and make it socially acceptable to talk about general preparedness and self reliance.

What You Will Find Here

On this site, we will share some of our ideas for general preparedness and self reliance. A lot of these are ideas that have been passed down from our church leadership along with details of how we are trying to put them into action in our own family. We also intend to share with you as many resources as we can for finding supplies and other information that will be helpful in keeping your family safe.

I think it is also important to note that from time to time there will be postings of a political nature. We will do our best to keep these posts as unbiased as possible so that you can take the information and do with it as you see fit. Having said that, it only seems fair to warn you that we tend towards a very conservative viewpoint and believe that government should remain as small and unobtrusive as possible. If you have a differing view to anything that we do post, please feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section. We do try to keep an open mind about all things and welcome all friendly discussion. The only thing we won't tolerate is disrespect for others' views or argumentative posts.

The People Behind Socially Unexeptable

Mike Lavender thought up the name for Socially Unexeptable. Originally, the plan was to turn the site into an internet radio station that showcased both underground music and small local bands. That plan didn't work out. As he spent more time with other people he started to realize just how rare it was for people to talk about general preparedness and self reliance. This topic was just as Socially Unexeptable as some of the music he had been planning to promote. That's where the name and the site took a change of direction. Mike is our idea man and will be the creative force behind most of our content.

If Mike is the creative partner, then Jennifer Lavender is the technical partner. Mike gives her the ideas, and she finds ways to put them into action. Right now she is working on teaching herself about web design and maintenance so that she can keep the site as up to date as possible. She also does the majority of the writing for our site.

Mike and Jennifer were married in April of 2000. They have 2 beautiful little girls and are expecting the arrival of a little boy in the spring of 2009. They plan to homeschool all 3 children through high school. As a family they like to spend time hanging out with each other or with friends.


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  2. Oh, and I can't wait to see your next posts on this blog, too! I hope you put some of the socially unexeptable music on.

    We've always kept our food storage, but in the past couple of years we have been using the heck out of it. I'd love to get more preparedness ideas.

  3. Stay tuned! I have a few posts in the works that I hope to have up within the week.

    I don't know if we will get music on here or not, but we will try.